What is a virtual agent ?

A virtual agent virtual assistant or web bot or chat bot is a software coded to answer your visitors questions and help customers.

The proposal does not replace the human factor, just complement it.

There are many reason because a virtual agent is the perfect companion of your web site to offer an effective customer support as the 24 hours availability and the costs and time saving.

But maybe the most important feature is that the virtual agent can provide help just in time, when your visitors needs, avoiding new and existing customers leave your web site.
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Traditional support
Your customers can contact you using the email, ticket systems and phone, but you will provide a new and faster way to help them.

Person chat support
If you have a chat support in your site,the virtual agent will attend your visitors even when you or your representatives are not online.

Customer care works.


Customer retention is even most important than the first time sell, virtual agent will help your current customers too in post-sell services and tech supports.
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Improve your brand perception

An effective customer support helps to get a better brand perception and a stronger market position.
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Sell even more

Information is one of the most usefull tools to sell as doubts and questions will always appear and the virtual agent will help you to solve them.
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Customer satisfaction is better when the communication is smooth and fast.
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