Terms and conditions.


1 - Service is offered and managed by the Grupo Soltierra Consulting Solutions (GS), fiscal id B85440493, recognizing that the technology used belongs to GS. 

2 - Service definition is "Agent Interface to Support and Automatically Answer Customers" (AISAAC).

3 - Service is limited to 100.000 monthly page views and/or 10.000 monthly answers, with the objective to set a fair limit to the servers load. If your web site needs more performance please contact us for a quote.

4 - Customers agree by signing up to be included into GS's customer data base.


1 - 
Service is offered for free using a sponsor model, including advertising into the chat window to help us to maintain the service (free users). This advertising can be removed (premium user) per a yearly amount (starting at $19) that will be quoted by us upon customer request using the customer website page views as measure. Premium users will be able too to customizable welcome message.


1 - GS is not responsible about any damage losing data related to answers key words or answers texts, for any reason like server failures, carrier downtimes, Internet connections.

2 - GS reserves the right to block or delete answer that exceed reasonable contained info that would affect the network or servers.

3 - The customer is the only responsible of the answers texts and info, GS have the right to block or delete any offensive answer.

4 - Sites without content are not allowed.


1 No chargebacks are allowed as customer have answers free every month to test the service.

2 - Installations made by the tech department for premium users will be free for HTML or HTM files when the customer server is accepted by our automatic installation system, in other case the number of files to be modified would be determined by the tech department. .