Web site installation

Is very easy to install it in your site

To be displayed to your visitors, AISAAC needs to be installed in your web site, including a little code into it, this process is automatic and will take only a few minutes.

Automatic installation adds a floating icon in your web site that can be customized by choosing from over 50 designs or uploading your own.

Autoinstall system has a back up copy of every file so you will be able to remove the virtual agent from your site as easy as you have installed it.

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  • You can install the agent in your site without any tech knowledge

    No need to change your web site design

    Install does not affect your web site speed or perfomance

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Other ways to install

If you like to integrate the agent into your web site design you can use a text link or with an image.

Level: medium

Other way is to use a "iframe" command to put the agent chat window into your site.

Level: advanced