About us

Founded by Isaac D. R., the Grupo Soltierra Consulting Solutions borns with a clear objetive: to offer web solutions oriented to improve the navigation customer and visitor experience, mainly focused on customer support and communications on the Net.

The development and manager team have more than 10 years of experience in the Network, business and project management. A highly cualified profesionals that really like the AISAAC software.

It is very important for us that you know we are legally set up as a company and strictly follow the European personal data security measures, our data centers are in one of the best data centers of Europe and we always try to give you the best customer support we can... we are a serious company.


These are our locations and infrastructure, you can contact us by phone at +34 902 502 664 or using the contact form.

SPAIN: San Roque 21 Majadahonda 28220 - Madrid
DOMINICAN REP.: Plaza Costa Bávaro #103 Carretera Barceló. Bávaro
EUROPE: Interxion datacenters